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Hi. Are any of you Jehovah's Witnesses or work with a nurse who is a Jehovah's Witness? I need some advice about working in an area where I won't have to deal with the issue of blood transfusions.... Read More

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    Hi, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I will soon be going to LVN school. This information was so helpful to me on the do's and don'ts. Thanks so much for being understanding nurses and for the helpful advice
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    I am not a nurse yet but I was raised JW so if you have any questions about the religion I would be happy to answer them.
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    We have a large JW community where I live and I work with many JW Nurses. I've double checked blood with many of them and noticed that they seemed to have no reservations about running the blood. I finally got up the nerve to ask one of my JW co-workers and was told that not hanging blood is not prohibited and that it's a personal decision. For anyone who's pursued a religious exemption, I'm curious how this process works and how it's defined?
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