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I entered through the front door of the nursing home just after 8am. I then signed in at the front desk while shaking off the biting cold of that February morning in 1997. I was here to admit a new female patient, Rosa, to... Read More

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    I have tears in my eyes, but what you summarized really touches the place in my heart that has made me want to become a nurse. Your story is beautiful.

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    Absolutely beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your courage and strength. In a busy stressful world it helps to remind each of us why we became nurses in the first place. She certainly had an angel on earth to have you as a nurse. Thank you again!
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    I think that too often we overlook what is important to the patient for their emotional and spiritual well being. I think it is so sad when my docs in the hospital write that the patient is hallucinating on my Hospice patients when they are doing a life review or seeing what we are unable to see. Great article, I have been in Hospice and Palliative Care for many years and we have difficulty also with SNFs accepting Hospice, most see it as a duplication of services as do many docs. God bless you in your continued work, you seem to be a genuine Hospice nurse.:redpinkhe
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    I don't think I could write anything more beautiful... Most patients of mine always do seem to give more than words can express...

    I am a nurse
    You are my charge
    I will honor you
    I will stand by your side
    In your time of need
    I will not leave
    I am on your side....

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