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Last night while I was on AllNurses, I came across a thread about a family suing a hospital. Someone had posted that they had experienced the same kind of thing except "thankfully they were given a... Read More

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    it is a criminal offense, but i know there are facilities that encourage cleaning up charts. one in particular, a few years ago where a patient died in a local rehab due to staff negligence. the chart was pulled and the nurse in question was asked to improve her charting before the lawyers got ahold of it. in facilities like this one, they can smell a lawsuit coming and will do everything they can to avoid becoming the losing party. it's easier to "clean up the charting" if it's a paper system rather than computer entries.

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    yes, it is wrong and illegal and all that.......
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    all i can say is, wait until you're out of school and on the floor. i've been told quite a few times to "just make it look good!" (meaning the mar's and charts) by my superiors.

    thanks for all the replies...definately stuff we don't learn in school!! i am very interested in bringing this subject up tomarrow with my teacher and classmates...wonder where it will lead!