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Allergy nursing

  1. 0 Hi. I have bee approached to start up an allergy program/clinic at an ENT office. Is there anyone out there who does this? I could use some insight before I commit. Thanks.
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    I worked for an allergist for about a year.... I might be able to help some
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    I guess right now I am mostly wondering about salary. I can find no paysclales that list this type of nursing. Any idea on that? Did you find the job rewarding? Right now I work in a surgery center in the operating room as a coordinator and really like what I do. Thanks for the help.
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    My mom has been a nurse at an allergy & asthma office for over 20 years. The pay isn't very good, but it offers a very flexible and low stress environment. For me, I love it because I get free allergy meds and free allergy shots!!