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Hello All Nurses! I wanted to say something positive after seeking everyone's support following a wrongful termination. Thank you all for your kind words and steadfast support... I also wanted to give hope to others who have... Read More

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! yelclap:

    It's always good to hear when something positive happens to a person who's been through a bad patch. Thanks for sharing your happy news with us!

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    Way to land on your feet!
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    I will not say which hospital, but I worked for a local hospital recently. It's a huge facility, with nothing but good reputation in the community.

    I got a call today from an atty. They are interviewing me as a colleague of mine is suing them for wrongful termination and harassment.

    I walked off the job only after a year. It was a hell hole, and it was really bad to work at.
    Lawsuits.. this place has done 3 known settlements related to suits in just the last 3 years.

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    I don't think I'm familiar w/your story, but just wanted to say congrats!!! I really do believe things happen for a reason, and even though you couldn't see it then, getting canned (wrongfully) from your other job led you to a much much better place. Congrats!! And enjoy your new job!! You'll now be working for a place that you respect, yay!!
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    Quote from rn4ever?
    Congratulations! God works in mysterious ways.
    No kidding. He could have just got her hired at her current job, let her give a notice then go on with her career.

    Instead he gets her terminated and put her through tons of strife?

    What a freaking jerk.

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