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Hi everyone! Yesterday I received the fruit of two years of difficult prerequisites: my final acceptance into NMSU's School of Nursing. I have very good grades from my prerequisites and feel... Read More

  1. by   A-fib
    That is actually one of the required texts in my program. I'm glad to hear that it was helpful.

    I think the assessment side of Fundamentals will go fairly well because of my experience. I'm just not especially excited about the CNA skills I will be taught this semester. Technically, as an EMT, bed baths and cleaning the patient after they have used the bedpan, etc is not in my scope of practice (something that EMT's in general are proud of) so I'm hoping it won't be too much of a problem for me to get over.
  2. by   Rob72
    Quote from A-fib
    I am a licensed EMT-Intermediate and have been working as a teacher's assistant at the community college as well as clinical preceptor for EMT students (in the ER) for about a year.
    The above will stand you in good stead. As a Clin Lab Asst./TA, you should already be thinking, "Why are we teaching XYZ? What are the consequential processes after the field intervention?" Some people have trouble with switching from interventional(EMS- we try to freeze the trauma or med problem where it is, and maybe re-gain some ground) to theraputic care(more generally Nsg- we are working towards attaining integrated homeostasis).

    EMTs that are taking the time to make the hospital stay easier for the patient, and the receiving RNs, are already thinking that way, tho' many do not. I.e., if your patient is aware and no longer "emergent", offering a bit of education to hopefully prevent/mitigate recurrence; not being an AC sticker, but practicing getting good distal forearm lines to prevent vessel trauma, and improve line patency over the next 3-4 weeks, etc.,etc..