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  1. 0 I work on a surgical-oncology floor at my hospital and tomorrow morning I have my first chemotherapy class. I'm a bit nervous because I'm not sure exactly what to expect. But, I'm also excited because this is something that I've wanted to do since I started working as a nurse. I think it's because I work on an oncology floor and deal with cancer patients. Had I worked on another floor, I don't think chemo would be a thing I'd want to do.

    The other patients I work with on my floor are orthopaedic surgical patients [also belly and vag surgeries]. I worked as a CNA for 3 years in ortho rehab before I became a nurse, and so now I feel it is time to step up and learn something new. I chose ortho because I was comfortable in this area and thought it would be a good place to start when I got my license.

    I was actually quite surprised with myself when I got the job and knew much of what I was doing. I think I may have surprised some of the other nurses too. Some new nurses that come to our unit have no idea what they are doing and I think it frustrates those of us who have worked in this field for a while. Another thing, is that a lot of what we do would be considered Nursing 101-simple dressing changes, putting in foleys, etc.

    Anyhow, I will be in Orlando at 0730 tomorrow to start learning chemo. Soon, I will have OCCON on my badge. Wish me luck!!
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    Congrats on going after your dream!!Good luck!!!

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