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    I am soon to be a Nursing Student--Starting in the Fall Semester. I have one question
    The question is--Is 120/80 or above considered pre-hypertensive. My mother who has been a Nurse since the 1970s says that is a normal, perfect l blood pressure for someone my age (19) but I've read in modern medical literature that it is considered pre-hypertensive. I take Lopressor 25mg twice daily for SVT (I can run heart rates of up to 150 while resting) and have on Lopressor an average Blood Pressure of 120/80 and usually run between 112/82 or 122/84 or 112/74 or 110/78 while on Medication but have run even on Lopressor a resting B/P of 133/67 and 137/90 on transient occaisons. I am 19 as I have said, 5'8'' 150lbs, I eat generally unhealthy and am not very active. There is a strong family history (siblings, grandparents) of hypertension and of stroke and heart disease.=
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  3. by   labcat01
    If you are worried about your BP, you should talk to your doctor or cardiologist about it. We can't give medical advice on All Nurses and even if we could, it sounds like you have a medical history slightly more complicated then the average person.

    Talk to your doctor and try not to worry about it Good luck!