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"Nurses Needed" on PBS

  1. 7 PBS has a 30 min video on the nursing shortage. It actually touches on many of the problems we are all facing and have been discussing. No real answers....but hopefully enlightening to non nurses/non medical persons who watch PBS by providing a look into the reality/extremes nurses face everyday at work, obtaining education and searching for employment and how they can be affected as patients.

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    Great link, thanks for posting.
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    Wow! How powerful and accurate, thanks for posting this,I will send it on to all my nursing colleagues
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    This is what makes allnurses.com so great! I really appreciate you posting this. I am not a Nurse, but for many years I have been thinking about going into this profession. I am an older person, so I don't know if my feet could take on this kind of work. Thanks again for posting. Carla
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    All I can say is: WOW!

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