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Just want some advice on an issue I've been having at work lately. I have been working with this older nurse who has had lots of past OR experience. However the past 10 years has been in... Read More

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    Is she on orientation and scrubbing by herself? In my facility, orientees circulate or scrub with another staff member, who could take the stapler or drill and show her how to use them correctly and then let her demonstrate back how to do it.
    I have unsterile staplers that I have shown her how to assemble. I have brought reps in as well. Guess what she keep saying? I think the problem is that once she's at the field she gets all flustered. That's fine, the surgeons can put it together but when she's forcing the cartridge in and I'm saying 'turn it the other way' and I get 'I know I know' it's enough to make me want to scream.

    She is capable of scrubbing, knows her general instruments it's just the technology like the harmonic, CUSA, staplers, laparoscopic equipment that trips her up. If she just listened to people instead of interrupting them all the time it wouldn't be a problem.

    Maybe I am interrupting her train of thought but her train of thought is quite frankly too slow. OR is a fast paced environment, if you can't work it out in time then you just have to listen to people with the experience until you learn it.

    Anyway guys thanks for the advice. I have to do something about it because if I don't then someone else is going to really have a go at her.