What's the most propofol you seen administered during an endo procedure?

  1. What's the most propofol you have seen administered during an endoscopic procedure? Not wanting to discuss who administered the dose: doctor, CRNA, nurse, etc. Discussion of average dose for various endoscopic procedures are certainly welcome, but more interested in maximum dosage you have seen administered? I realize this is a frequently discussed topic, and have researched on this site and others, so please no redirect comments regarding another search, thank you. Just sincerely exploring this question amongst other professionals and their experiences. I will add, based on information I have read, and discussions I have had, the dosing of propofol within the endoscopic setting is very controversial, and there seems to be a need for more clearly written standards. Thank you for your responses.
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  3. by   Student Mom to Three
    The most I have witnessed is slightly upward of 600mg.

    I am curious as to what you mean by the dosing is controversial? I have seen propofol administered by CRNAs and anesthesiologists, and I have done it myself (NAPS). The CRNAs I know of put it on a pump, but the docs and NAPS trained RNs titrate to pt response. I know that the needed credentials of the person administering the drug is very controversial, but through all of my training I had never heard that the dosing itself is problematic.
  4. by   ®Nurse
    Endoscopic procedures at my facility are consented for procedural sedation. Propofol is for deep sedation/someone already vented.
    To answer your question, our max administration is never more than 75 mcg/kg/hr.