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  1. Hi, I've been reading all the posts about colonoscopies and it hasn't made my fears go away. I have no idea why I'm so upset taking my husband for his colonoscopy next Wed, but I sure am. After all it's not me. I find it very invasive and degrading!!! I'm 61 and have never had one because of that and that fact that I can't stand being put in a position where I can't get away if someone is hurting me. Never had a mamogram either because of that. I had a very bad experience years ago with a pap that has soured me about having procedures done. How do I get past this road block
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  3. by   lindamo
    Dear Wicci, PLEASE get your mamogram, I am not in the medical field what so ever but I have never had a bad experience and I am 62 and have had over 40 by now. I have had 3 colonoscopies and the prep, drinking the "goLitely" was the bad part, with 2, I had a gallon to drink, with one only one little bottle. So help me I never knew when I had any 3 of the tests, and awoke back in the room feeling great. What a relief to know all is well. Never a bad experience with a colonoscopy . DO NOT PUT IT OFF. I had a friend who did and she has advanced colon cancer and according to her procedures, a colonoscopy is a walk in the park compared to what she is going through. Sorry you had a bad experience but it was probably a one time thing.
  4. by   Wicci
    Thanks for your quick response lindamo! I appreciate it. I'm also wondering about the drugs they use too. I want pain meds and something to relax me, but I don't want to have amnesia. My husband had one 5 years ago and didn't remember a thing. Well I'm going in with him this time to see what to expect if I decide to do it and I'll see if it's horrible and he just didn't remember.
  5. by   lindamo
    I am not medical so do not know the drugs used with me but your doc will tell you the drugs they use. All I care about is no pain and not knowing one thing that went on. Of course, getting the all clear sign, no pun intended on that one, sure was a relief. Colon cancer is a horrible cancer. Have it done, then you will be telling everyone else how easy it was.
  6. by   Wicci
    That's what my husband says and I guess I'll find out when I go in with him next week. If he has pain I'll probably throw something at the doctor!!
  7. by   lindamo
    He won't have pain. To tell the truth I was terrified the first time, but had no choice and had to have it done, then I felt foolish for putting it off so long.
    Medical Marvels I guess.....
  8. by   Wicci
    If...andI mean IF....I have a colonoscopy would it be alright be me to to take 50 or 100 mg of Xanax before I got there to relax me?
  9. by   lindamo
    I have never needed anything but ask your doc, you don't won't to get over medicated. I am sure you are not the only one to be apprehensive by a long shot and the medical staff hears this all of the time. I promise you, you will be taken care of or at least I was in Springfield MO.
  10. by   sirI
    Hello, Wicci

    I know you are hesitant about having the colonoscopy. Only your healthcare provider can answer whether or not you actually need this and he/she is the only one you need to be talking with to receive the advice necessary. We at cannot provide the advice you require about pain management and pre-test medications.

    Please contact your healthcare provider and discuss your concerns with him/her. Good luck.

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