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Nursing care for diverticulitis

  1. 0 I am having a hard time coming up with a short nursing care summary for my patient with diverticulitis. She is post op today, colostomy in lower left quadrant, did not respond to antibiotics, she has had a segmental resection of sigmoid colon, abscess drain, peristomal hernia, and small bowel resection. She had surgery to take down colostomy and repair peristomal hernia. I don't even know where to start. Do I use post op nursing care or do I jump right in to all the other problems, this is just a summary that I need to come up with, the care plan I will do after I meet her. Any help would be much appreciated. Other history: asthma, 5 vessel bypass, MI, DM 2, CAD, CKD, past cervical fusion, and depression.
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    What is your role? Will you be providing long term care or short term, hospital stay care? Long term, every one of her co-morbidities will affect her outcomes. However, you can't bombard her with too much information. Start simply, post-op care & recovery first. If you're caring for her while she's in hospital, add to your summary whatever your role is in getting home care/post-hospital care set up. If you'll be caring for her longer term, can you say in your summary that you will focus first on post-op care and then add in subsequent cares and education as appropriate? Good luck!