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Last week I had my first colonoscopy. It was recommended because of a positive fecal occult test. My first question has to do with draping. I woke up several times (from the pain). The first time I woke up, I was in a supine... Read More

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    um..lets just say, I came into mine with eyes wide open,since I do precalls to patients telling them how to prep and answering questions like "will it hurt?"
    I had a Endo 2 weeks ago, and the versed was adequate in making me not remember the event.

    Today I had a colonoscopy, and I must say, I am happy with the results but not happy with the way the procedure is set up. (the use of only an amnesiac not full anesthesia)
    I nodded off but woke up to every pain and "turn of the screw" with the scope. I remember saying "stop stop, take it out" ...and the nurses replying "breath, its okay its okay, breath"...well lets just say, the only time I fell asleep again was being wheeled out to recovery.

    So how do I lie to patients now when they say.."will I feel it?" well, I guess I can be honest and say.."well some people are awake during the procedure and some wake up from the pain...but luckly our brain is not wired to remember the pain, just the event, kind of like childbirth"

    Or I will have to continue to lie, because that is what they want me to do.

    lets just say, the next one, aint happening unless its with full anesthesia...sorry....I know too much...

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    I'm having a c-scope soon with MAC. What does this involve? Will I likely be waking up moaning during it?? I'm terrified after reading this forum!
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    I am having a colonoscopy done tomorrow at 7am. I am still in my prep stages today, and boy am I already sore! Having stomach pains now and having to constantly run to the restroom, plus not having eaten all day, is definitely not one of my favorites. I called the hospital earlier today to get more information, because the doctor that referred me to this procedure is well, very nonchalant about it. I was inadequately prepared! They did not tell me what to expect beforehand.

    My conversation with the nurse or lab tech today did little more to pacify my concerns. When I called and spoke to the operator and told her "Hi, I have an appointment tomorrow for a colonoscopy--" She cut me off and said, "Hold. I'm transferring you to Surgery." Luckily, when I asked the lady who came on the phone what the whole "Surgery" thing is about, she said that they share the same room or something. I just hope I'm not getting cut up in any way tomorrow! Then I proceeded to tell her that my appointment was at 9am but she told me to be there by 7am as they can perform the procedure earlier. I didn't argue having to lose more sleep as I'm anxious enough to just get it over with! The nurse/lab person said they aren't putting me to sleep, just sedating... Having read the pains felt by previous posters, I'm honestly more terrified to go through it now. Before today I thought I was going to be zonked out and not remember a thing. Now...

    Can something go horribly wrong in one of these procedures? I'm 27 and doing this because I find myself constantly constipated to the point where I bleed slightly when I do my daily #2's. One day a month and a half ago I bled as if I were on my period while passing stool and it scared the cr*p outa me. I also have what the doctor called "some excess skin" externally -- which I don't think is a problem anyway. Anyhow, since the people who sent me to do this procedure,and the people doing it to me tomorrow, are not ones I've worked with before, I do not have any confidence in them and fear that something may be done incorrectly...
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    After reading this and doing other research about colonoscopy, I am now completely convinced to continue to avoid having this procedure again. I am 49 and male and had a colonoscopy in 2001 when I was 40 because of some bleeding. I did wake up during the procedure and watched the removal of a small (about 1 mm) polyp, but had no pain, and otherwise recall nothing of the whole thing. The polyp was benign, the bleeding, the gastro said, was due to "internal hemorrhoids" and he seemed to think that this was a waste of his time. Then he said that I should repeat this again every three years.

    A couple of years ago my then new GP asked where the results were for the '04 and '07 scopes. I told him I didn't do them, he referred me for one. I avoided scheduling it. Same in '09. Recently he tried to get me in for another physical which he's trying to get me to do annually ... which seems silly because as far as I am aware men only need to come in every 5 or so years since we don't need all the gyno checks. I decided to skip it since I do come in when I'm sick and for other problems...and with all of the visits involved with my recent shoulder procedure I've had about enough.

    Anyhow, I know since my 50th is coming up this year, he will once again try to get me to get scoped. And frankly, after doing some research, I think that I am going to continue to opt out. There seems to be a high risk of pain, there is apparently a 0.5% chance of perforation or other serious complication, there is a 100% chance of being humiliated and having to expose myself to a room full of people of both genders...all to see if there may possibly be a cancer that a 50 year old man, according to the CDC, has a 0.7% chance of having in the next 10 years and less than 2% chance of having in the next 20. Since I have no symptoms and the odds are so long...99.3% chance of nothing....I don't see that the benefits outweigh the risks and the humiliation. No thank you.
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    As a physician who has been involved in many colonoscopy exams (my own included-I probably have colon cancer)...I doubt that anyone on these boards gives 2 ***** about my opinion, but here it is: please get a's not that bad.....I'm an internal med doc who has done many of these exams......laugh your ass off; at my skinny butt undergoing a colonoscopy-my doc provided pics........I'm a board-certified internist (whoopee) and I hope that every patient gets scoped ay age 50 or earlier with a history......
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    I see your post was quite a while ago and perhaps your view has changed. None the less I have to compliment you on your honesty! You professional lack of sensitivity to non-medical folks is refreshing and what I expected. What is common place and perhaps even boring to you is not to us ordinary folk. May life never present you with discomfort at the hands of uncaring strangers.

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