Just interviewed at an outpatient endoscopy center

  1. I saw a position in our newspaper for an informatics RN and I applied. My background before nursing was as a business analyst working closely with IT. Anyway, it is at an Endo ASC. She says they are implementing new EMR and decided they want a nurse to manage this process and be a resource and training person. She said she thinks it will continue to be a valued position even after the initial implementation d/t ongoing needs. But, they want an RN so she/he can orient to pre and post procedure and be able to work there when the informatics stuff is not busy.

    I have no endo experience and I'm not ACSL. I currently work outpatient oncology so I start lots of IVs, which seems to be a plus for this manager.

    Just looking for some insight. Anyone ever heard of a job like this?
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  3. by   brownbook
    Hate that no one responded.....but it sounds like a newish, specialized, (at least to me) nursing job. Seems like you are perfect for the it.

    Almost any nurse can learn GI nursing....your skills in out patient oncology should be great. But not all nurses have a good IT business background.

    Did you get the job?
  4. by   mappers
    Aww, thanks for responding. I have a 2nd interview on Monday with one of the MDs.