good appetite, bad intake

  1. Hi! Anyone can give me more tips on how to improve my patient's nutrional intake?

    This 85yo male, a known alcoholic in early stage of dementia, is suffering from pain and vomiting when eating solid food. He has a very good appetite but just couldn't take in solid foods. He eats what's being given to him but the moment he swallowed it, it comes out and feel pain in the middle of his chest.

    I've tried small and frequent meals, biscuits but they all come out minutes after it's been swallowed.
    We've been giving nutritional drink products, non-alcoholic beer and every possible liquid available from our station but i just think it's not enough. He can't just drink and sleep all the time.
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  3. by   tencat
    Is this man a candidate for hospice? It sounds like he's maybe declining significantly. When people's bodies are starting to shut down, eating and drinking makes them physically ill. And as to sleeping all the time, quite normal for an 85 year-old man who is very sick. Maybe his body is trying to tell him and you all that it's time to back off on the food intake and make him comfortable.
  4. by   megame
    Thanks for the reply
    No, we're still figuring out what's wrong with him. As i mentioned, fluids go down well and he has good appetite.
    I tried giving him oatmeal in small amount today without problem. I'm starting think that this patient is not used to eating bec. of his alcoholism so it's like feeding a baby starting on solid foods.