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Hi, I am a mum, wife, nurse and obese! I am looking into a gastric bypass, they cost enough!!! But I think it will be worth it. Any comments??... Read More

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    I vote for no surgery. I know to well how difficult it is to be obese. I too tried everything out there to lose weight and no success. Well this what made me comfortable in saying. I decided to lose try the weightloss battle one more time and I by eating right and excercise and over 140 lbs lighter, here I am today.

    My point is that it is too risky, and I truly believe anyone can lose the weight without the surgery. I too suffer from PCOS, and it made no difference in my weightloss.

    Hope you find a solution soon.


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    I had RNY gastric bypass in November 2001. I was one of the smaller people the surgeon did at 5'8 & 350lbs. I lost 155lbs. I did end up in the OR again on day 2 for wound dehisence but it was the best thing I ever did in my life and I would do it again.

    5 other staff at our facility had it done also. The only unsuccessful person was someone who chose to go to a non-bariatric certified physician because she could get in sooner. Right from the beginning, she was overeating

    Go to

    From there, you can chat with others contimplating surgery, check out different procedures, surgeons, and facilities and find out if your insurance company covers the procedures.

    HOpe that helps.
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    What about this new procedure..lap-band surgery. They say it's less invasive and has less recovery time. Any input on this? Thanks!!
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    Quote from Wicket16
    What about this new procedure..lap-band surgery. They say it's less invasive and has less recovery time. Any input on this? Thanks!!
    There are downsides to that too, since the band can stretch with too much food. My friend's mom had that done, and she lost some weight initially but now she's gaining some back. Plus,the skin on her arms/legs sagged alot and now needs body work. So it's not a perfect cure either. The bottom line is that with any kind of gastric surgery, people still need to change their way of eating, and still be able to resist temptation, because it's possible to eat thru the bands or even staples. My friend's mom ate whenever the food went down and felt less full, then she would eat again. Even though she didn't stretch out the band, she gained weight because she cheated the system..kept eating as soon as the stomach didn't feel full again.
    So counseling or support groups, plus working out is still recommended.

    Also the band is not for everyone, i think people have to be less than 50 and not be allergic to certain things.
    Here's some info:
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    This whole thing is scary and difficult.....I mean, the thought of what to do when contemplating one way or the other. It is such a personal thing.....I don't see it as a quick fix but I can see how some people would...Good points all around...
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    You know - it seems whether you have surgery or not, the key is that you're going to be changing your eating habits permanently.

    This past Jan 1st, my hubby and I decided it was time to lose the weight - I needed to lose around 70# and he needed to lose.. erm.. more. Instead of following a "diet", we cut out ALL the junk - no fast food, no chips, cookies, cakes etc - simply didn't buy it and have it in the house. We experimented with low-cal everything until we found the brands we liked - of salad dressing, low fat cheeses, lunch meat, whatever. And we didn't deviate except ONE night a month, we allowed ourselves to eat out - and even then tried to stick to the low-fare menues (found out I LIKE the slim-slam at Denny's!).

    So far - we're at what? nearly 11 months, I've lost nearly 70 pounds and my hubby has lost a bit more. What we found out is that... there isn't an END to this "diet". It's a permanent change of lifestyle and eating. We are occassionally more lenient now- a cookie (1!) now and then or whatever, but for the most part stick to it. Now, my 11 months is about 6.3 pounds per month or 1.5 pounds per week. So we're talking slow - it comes off a little faster the first couple months, then sloooowwwsss down, but doesn't stop.

    The first month or so truly stunk as I missed everything I used to eat - but honestly, I've lost the taste for most of it.

    My advice is this... if you're going to take a few months to investigate and look into the surgery - while you're doing that, try to change your eating habits/exercise habits yourself (since you'll have to do that anyway, right?). You may find that you can end up doing it on your own without surgery.
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