Explain the drugs of Conscious Sedation for newby

  1. Hello. I'm thrilled to be starting a new job in a private endo center and eager to learn everything I can.

    I was reading the thread about the drugs and dosages used on conscious sedation and was wondering if someone could give me a quick rundown on the features/benefits/effects and maybe reasons you would choose some of the drugs e.g. demerol, propofol, fentenyl, versed, benedryl, etc.
    I didn't know anyone was using demerol for anything anymore (except I used it in oncology for rigors).

    Really appreciate your help.

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  3. by   Booty Nurse
    Hi JoAnna,
    Welcome to the world of endo! Here is a good website to help you learn about sedation meds: http://www.sedationfacts.org
    I use Demerol & Versed or Fentanyl & Versed for my patients. In Vermont, RNs are not allowed to administer Propofol, so we have anesthesia come in to give that if the patient needs it. Propofol works great, but can cause a lot of respiratory depression, and there is no reversal agent.
  4. by   JoAnna McNurse
    Thank you. That was a great web site !
  5. by   marygfullerton
    We titrate only Fent and Versed for our cases- and some people go w/ nothing. If we cant get the sedation level desired, we rarely add a bit of Benadryl.. Used to use Femerol, but not anymore. Colorado is using Propofol by NAPS= Nurse Administered Propofol Sedation thus the acronym, but so far not in NM at least that I know of for GI.... only for sedation in ventilated patients in tthe unit when given by RN's. Have heard that Propofol is safer than what we are doing, faster half life, thus quicker reversal- even without reversal drug- but not allowed in our institution. Mary

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