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    I am curently a nursing student. We start clinicals next week and my first rotation will be in endoscopy. I am very excited and nervous as well. I would love to hear anything and everything about an LPNs day in Endoscopy. I believe we will just be observing as we have yet to check off on IVs.
    Thank You
    Suzie future LPN
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    I am an RN. Policies can vary, "scope of practice" can vary." To my limited knowledge, LVN's in GI clinics assist the doctor with the scope's, get the endoscopy cart ready, scopes ready, assist with collecting biopsies, opens and closes the biopsy forceps as the doctor holds the scope. They preform as a GI tech. They place the specimen in the collection container and should work closely with the doctor and RN to ensure the correct information is on the specimen container.

    The LVN would need to know the different sizes of scopes, different types of forceps, hot and cold biopsy forceps, snares, etc. Depending on the GI clinic the LVN may also need to clean the scopes between cases.

    The LVN is mostly involved with assisting the Dr. and getting the scopes ready. Of course the patient is the primary focus. The correct patient, correct procedure, the patient is cleared medically, prepped, NPO, etc. The RN is primarily concerned with that part, the RN gives the IV sedation. But I believe in team work. Every medical person in the GI room should be working together.
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