Endoscopy Pre-Procedural Checklist

  1. hi to all,

    i was wondering if any of you have a pre-procedural checklist used for in-patients who are going for endoscopies/colonoscopies?
    we are currently using the pre-op checklist for surgical procedures and is more for patients under-going general anesthesia.half of the checklist is marked n/a and it seems like a waste of everyone's time because the mandatory cxr and ekg for a 35 year old patient going to the or is inappropiate for a patient going for endoscopy.

    i suggested having a separate checklist for gi lab and then i was given the task of developing one (lucky me). i took what was necessary from out standard pre-op checklist but wanted to get some more ideas.

    thank you in advance for any help you can provide!!
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  3. by   blackIrish
    What do you have so far?

    Off the top of my head....
    Consent done and CORRECT (90% of our come down incomplete or just wrong)
    Current labs printed and on the chart
    Extra stickers
    Allergy band ON patient
  4. by   Janice24
    thanks for the reply...
    mostly what i'm struggling with is how the nurses know whether the patient does need a cxr and ekg prior to receiving conscious sedation. anesthesia is obviously involved and their preference can vary depending on the physician. this is where the confusion comes in...on the current pre-op checklist both csr and ekg are indicated for the or but i don't think its necessary for all endo cases. we are wasting resources doing ekg's and chest x-rays on people who do not need them. i was looking for a best-practice guideline that can tell nurses which patients need what.
    i hope that makes sense
  5. by   eCCU
    Do you have MAC cases and Moderate sedations cases or are they all moderate sedation cases?
    We have 100% compliance in my suite so let me know how to help....
    If you only do moderate sedation perharps i can give you the criteria we use to rule out a pt as a MAC case and that makes the automatic for labs,cxr and ECG......