Endoscopy Nursing

  1. i am starting a job as a new graduate nurse on the endoscopy unit this april. i have never worked in this area before in the rn scope. i am wondering what i should be farmiliarizing myself with in regards to skills and knowledge, and any sites or resources that you feel may help prepare me. what further studies and education shall i enroll? thank you in advance
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to Gastroenterology Nursing where I think you will get better response.
  4. by   brownbook
    I don't have any idea what capacity you worked Endo prior to becoming an RN? So I will just assume you really know nothing about Endo nursing.

    I have only floated to Endo, (but many times) over the past 13 years. I am ashamed to say I have never looked for sites or resources. The regular endo nurses have been there a long time and my gut feeling is they have learned a lot through on the job training. Which means as a new RN you have to ask a lot of questions. Tell the doctors you are new to endo nursing and ask, ask, ask. The doctors, no one you work with, will expect you to know everything and no one should make you feel dumb if you say I don't know what that is, please tell me about it.

    Ask the tech, the sales reps, anyone who has any dealings with endo nursing, questions.

    Just remember when you are in the room doing the procedure the patient may, can, hear you talking. Be a little discrete. Some questions should be asked after the patient has left.

    Ask again here if you have more specific questions. And of course the Internet is a great resource for information about GI diseases.
  5. by   brownbook
    ps, i just found a good internet site www.endonursing.com
  6. by   TucsonGINurse
    I have been working in a GI Center since 2005. I started with no experience and learned everything I needed to know just from working there. Just pay attention to the screen in the procedure room and you will pick up on the locations and abnormal things. You will pick up on everything you need to know simply by listening and being observant.