Best Colonoscopy prep?

  1. Which preps do you find yeild the "clearest" colonoscopy resullts?
    Colyte, etc...Thanks
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  3. by   sharann
    I'm an RN and frequent poster here. I'm just asking for an opinion. Thanks.I'll have my prep tomorrow of Colyte anyhow, I was just curious!
  4. by   SDtoHI-NP
    I've been a GI RN since '95 and see the best results with Colyte or it's Generic equiv. It doesn't cause the electrolyte problems that Fleets and MagCitrate cause and it's the cleanest of the three. There is a new one that I just started writing for as a NP. It's HalfLytely, half the abount but with 4 Bisacodyl tabs. The GI doc I work for loves it because patients are more compliant. Only problem... some places don't carry it and some insurances don't cover it.

    Hope your colon went well.
  5. by   sharann
    Thanks so much. I actually postponed my colon because I had a terrible flu for 10 days. Just feeling better now. I will ask about the halflytely. The Colyte WAS an awful amount of fluid!
  6. by   SDtoHI-NP
    If they won't write for the HalfLytely there is a way to take Colyte
    with bisacodyl and only drink 2 liters. I have the directions at work and can bring them home if you find you need them.

    Couple of tips. Chill the solution. Use a straw. Slice up a lime or a lemon, suck on slices between the galsses, don't eat it it just helps clear the taste out of the back of your throat (pts say the lime works best.) Suck on mints or use mouthwash between glasses or even brush your teeth.

    Lots of luck.
  7. by   porterc
    Osmoprep hands down! Here's how you do it....clear liquid diet not the day before, but TWO DAYS BEFORE. Then, you dont swallow the giant pills - you buy a pill crusher at any pharmacy (pharmacist told me) - then you take the crushed pills with lemon-lime gatorade! Works like a charm. While everyone else is puking and barfing their guts out, dont start at 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. the day before, START AT 8:00 a.m. the day before....then by 5:00 p.m. you're ready to enjoy the evening and the secret is to keep drinking liquids. After the procedure I told my GI this and he agreed but said they cant tell this to everyone as they would then have bad tests! 21st century and doctors suck!

    P.S. I also called Salix, mfg of Osmoprep, and their answer to could the pills be crushed was, "it hasnt' been tested it" What B.S. Don't let these asholes (pun intended) screw you. It worked for me, although I'm not a doctor.
  8. by   tntrn
    Osmoprep for me! I just had my 4th colonoscopy (my mom died of colon cancer when I was about 45) and the first 3 were with Golytely. That stuff is horrible. I was promising rewards to myself long before I was done.

    Osmoprep is easy, and I think gentler than Golytely. I'll make sure to ask for it again next time.
  9. by   criticalcarenurse93
    I Have The Halflytely And My Colonoscopy Is Set For Friday. I Hope It Is Not As Bad As The Golytely...who Named This Stuff,anyway!
    My Dad Died At Age 49 Of Colon Ca When I Was Only In My Early 20's So You Can Imagine How Many Of These Things I Have Had! With The Golytely, I Open The Jug And Start Crying Even Before Adding The Water! I Dread It So Much!
  10. by   Trans-am
    Golytely seems to do the best job for ensuring a clean bowel in my opinion

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