Another recent colonoscopy experience

  1. I recently had my first colonoscopy and despite my worries, I had an excellent experience -- from the prep to the recovery room and beyond -- thanks to the very kind staff. For all the nurses out there, I have several questions.

    1. When I arrived at the clinic, I told them that I felt nervous, tired, hungry and thirsty. As the pre-op stuff went on, I felt myself mentally fading. I don't think I was alert enough to tell the nurses about it, but I assume that they noted the way I behaved. Yes, no or maybe? And is that typical behavior?

    2. A lot has been written about drug combinations. When the surgical nurse told me about the procedural sedation process, she did not mention what drug combination would be used. Is that typical? I assume that I will find out what was used when I get the bill.

    3. I don't remember a thing and had no post-colonoscopy pain. If I did experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure, would that be recorded for future reference? Or does it matter?
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  3. by   twins4paiges
    I have recently observed this procedure and in the one that I was in, the nurse constantly talked to the patient and gave more medication (with the doc's consent) if the patient was agitated. One of the drugs used, can't remember their names as I am a beginning student, makes you forget the procedure entirely. Still the patient made perfect sense, and the nurse held a normal conversation with her throughout the procedure. I have also had 2 colonoscopies. At my last one, I talked non-stop to my mom on the hour ride home and only remembered the general conversation later, and it was very fuzzy. I asked her "Did I talk to you about the Poke plant and all of it's uses?" She replied that yes I had and in a lot of detail
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    All of these concerns are valid and something you need to discuss with your healthcare provider.