Michigan Forensic Jobs

  1. 0 So I have a certificate in Forensic Nursing...but now what do I do with it? It is so under developed that it is hard to find positions.

    Does anyone know of any positions in Wayne County or Oakland County??
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    Hi there, I am from Michigan as well, and interested in persuing forensics, but as you said, wayyyy underdeveloped. I cant seem to find anything either. Have you gotten any good info or leads? Feel free to message me. Have a great night.
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    Good evening ladies. I am very lucky as I fell into my forensic positions due to contacts I had made while working in the ED. Not knowing your backgrounds that is my first suggestion to you, get to know your local police. Sign up for ride-alongs if allowed. And even though they tend to bring in the most labor intensive, and not so pleasant pt's, be nice to the police officers and chat with them. No one knows better what forensic opportunities are available in your community. Contact your state ME or coroners office and ask them about opportunities and positions. No one will know about your training or desire unless you tell them.
    Feel free to contact me further if you wish. And if your community has nothing-maybe you could implement something???!!

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