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  1. 0 I thought I would put a little info about this program. I spent about a month studying for this and just passed their test. They have two text books and an on-line class followed by a test. The book by Virginia Lynch (Forensic Nursing Science) is a behemoth and has to be the definitive text on the subject. It was a bit difficult to get through as it is 600 pages of human depravity, but I can't imagine a more exhaustive and complete dissertation on forensic nursing.

    The online course was a lot more readable but still informative and helpful. For those familiar with online education this program is easy to follow and strait-forward. Read the material, take the test.

    One of their forms lists clinical time as a requirement which was a big source of questions for me. They require clinical practice in an area where you might encounter forensic patients, like- almost any patient care area- peds, ER, surg, ICU and so on. They told me that as nurses, we are always seeking cause and effect and in that regard, think like forensic nurses as a part of our practice. They just require a signature that you work in direct patient care. This was confusing at first.

    I found this program very workable and I learned a ton. I will be seeking more forensic courses but this is one that is pretty quick to take if you work hard for a few weeks. They are a bit clunky with registration and joining their organization but overall I would recommend it. Hope this helps anyone looking for training in this area.
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