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    I'm currently going to be looking into getting SANE certified. I was wondering though, how good job opportunities are. I've heard from a friend that pretty soon all states/counties will require a SART team/SANE nurse. I know this is good news but where are SANE nurses employed besides ERs? Whenever I look in nursing ads or employment ads, I rarely see advertisements for "SANE" nurses. So, after you get certified, how do you go about looking for a job? And is this just something to do on the side, or can you do it full time? Also, do you have to be "on call"? I have young children and was just wondering about that aspect of it too!
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    The possibility of full time employment is much lower than part time. Sexual assaults are rarely prescheduled, so the majority of the actual cases are performed as "on-call" responses. Follow-ups, or "chronic clinics" in the pediatric realm are prescheduled.
    Some of us are employed by ED's, some by advocacy centers, and some-like myself- are independent contractors, paid an on-call pay and fee for service via grant funding.
    SANE nursing is a wonderful, fulfilling specialty. One where you will never get rich, or be guaranteed a full night sleep when on call.
    If you really want to commit to this specialty see where your local resources are. Where are exams done in your area? ED's, community advocacy centers, there are expanding options. If you can't find your resources call your local law enforcement, sex crimes division. They definately know what system is used.
    Good luck, and just shoot back if you have any more questions, Amy

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