I wanted to introduce myself

  1. My name is Liz. Up untill tonight I have been a college student with no particular goal. I have always thought I might get into nursing. It isn't exactly what I wanted though. I have always enjoyed criminal justice; I loved every single aspect of it. I look at forensic nursing as a way to combine all the things that I love the most. I am at the beginning stages. Like I said I am a regular college student. I will be applying for the nursing program at my college tomorrow. I am excited. I wanted you to know that I have been readign through the forums and reading what every one has said. Thank you! I could really use a mentor. If any one is willing to burden themselves with me... I would love it.

    I have a couple questions...

    Why did you choose forensic nursing?
    What is the most rewarding part of the job?
    I can imagine the worst of the job, how do you cope?
    I have seen a couple threads where people have asked what a day in the life of a forensic nurse is, but I didn't see what I was seeking. Perhaps a better way to ask the question is what responsibilities does CFN have?

    Honestly, would you do it again?
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello ybczibn and welcome to allnurses.com and the Forensic Nursing forum

    It is good to have you with us and I just wanted to welcome you.

    Congratulations on your decision to enter nursing as a career.

    Good luck with your decisions as a forensic nurse!!! Others will come along and offer input.

    Hope you enjoy the site!