How to Gain Experience??

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    Hi Everyone! I'm in college pursing my Nursing degree. I'm certain that I want to go into Forensic Nursing, but I'm not sure if I want to be a SANE or FNE. I've had a good bit of SANE experience with children, (volunteering with my local hospital) but what I'm really looking for is FNE experience. Exactly how do I go about this? I'm willing to shadow, intern, volunteer, whatever! I'm located near Birmingham, AL. Thanks in advance!
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    How can you be a SANE if you're still in the process of pursuing your nursing degree? I'm confused. What kind of SANE experience is it that you have?
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    Hi! I think you misunderstood me. I'm in college and I know that I want to become a Forensic Nurse- I did not claim that I am one, yet. =) I merely stated that I have already volunteered/shadowed SANE Nursing. I have experience specifically with SANE-P (I volunteered/shadowed under the Forensic Nurses at my local Children's Hospital. I'm looking for FNE experience to see if I would prefer that route. Thank you.
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    Yes, it was the part that said "I've had a good bit of SANE experience with children" that threw me off. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Sorry for the misunderstanding! Do you have any suggestions to gain FNE experience?
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    I would see if there is an IAFN chapter close to you and see if they have any resources. Let us know what you find!
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