Burnout rates

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    My original plan for an educational path was RN-BSN and DPN to work as a Nurse Practioner (possibly mental health). Ever since I've found the allnurses.com site and I've been reading about the different specialites, Forsensic Nursing as intrigued me the most. My husband is strongly advising me not to pursue this path because I am a very sensitive, empathetic person (which is mostly true).
    My questions for those in this field already, is what is the burnout rate? Being surrounded by death and vicitimized peoples, it must get to you sometimes. What keeps you staying in the field?
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    I'm a SANE nurse and when I went through training I was told that the average "lifespan" of a SANE nurse is about five years before burnout. I haven't tried to verify that info anywhere--it's just the info I was given.