Anyone have a Master's in Forensics?

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    Hi everyone! I am new here, so I hope I am doing this right. I too, have been very interested in Forensic Nursing, in fact, I have applications out to Fitchburg State College, and Beth-EL College of nursing in Co. Springs. Will a Masters Degree help your chances of finding a job? Also, does anyone know if the FBI needs nurses? Would having a Masters in Forensics help with applying to the FBI? I am currently a critical care nurse, looking for a change. Thanks for listening, and I hope to hear back from everyone! Take care.
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    hi CARP,

    I am working on a MSN with a concentration in Forensics at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. At this time there is not a certification for Forensics. This is one of the goals of the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) the website (if you are not aware) is
    Since this is a very new field to nursing we are pretty much creating our own jobs!! as far as the FBI goes i would say the same thing. I think that alot of this would depend on what part of forensics you were interested in. Profiling, Forensic Psychiatry/Counseling, or even criminology. Xavier is also working on a dual masters with Criminology... so really the sky is the limit...just know what you want and the go for it!!! OUR motto: Alive or dead we'll be there!!
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    Hi 4n6!
    Thanks for your reply. I am really hoping I get accepted somewhere for Forensics. This may sound corny, but I really like the author Patrician Cornwell, and ever since I started reading her books, I wished that there was an area of nursing that had to do with solving crimes. I discovered Forensics last year, and thought I would pursue it. I am a little scared, since it is so new, if I will be able to find a job. How much longer do you have in school?
    I am really burnt out with Critical Care at this point, and I am pretty sure Forensics is an area of interest to me. Do you know any Forensic nurses working right now?
    Take care, and Happy studying and Nursing!

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    I graduated from Beth-El in colorado. I took one of the classes as an elective. it was great. most are if I remember well are 4 days long each and all day long. You have to turn in a paper after the course. The main Instructor Virginia Lynch is amazing. She lectures all over the country and has established a great program. If you already have a masters you can take the 15 sem hrs and get a masters certificate or also a BSN certificate (the classes are the same) if you dont want to take all the grad junk courses.

    good luck,
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    The School of Nursing at Duquesne University announces the Master of Science in Nursing with a Forensic Nursing specialization. Students will be accepted into the program beginning in the Summer term of 2002. This program prepares graduates to practice in multiple areas of Forensics - sexual assault nurse, nurse coroner, nurse investigator, forensic psychiatric nurse, forensic correctional/institutional nurse, clinical nurse specialist, legal nurse consultant or expert witness, among others.

    The program originated out of a collaborative effort with the Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and the Law based in the Law School at Duquesne University.