Anything new in the foot care business? Updates on your business? - page 3

by NC29mom

I just happened to come across this speciality thread while reading the wound threads. My dream has always been to become an entrepreneur. My original thought was to branch out into independent wound consultuting; however, after... Read More

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    Training also available 3 times per year at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. A great 2 day class and they also have now included 'How to Start Your Own Foot Care Business' I highly recommend this in addition to Dr. Julia's classes.
    Next year there will also be classes offered in Minnesota by Twinkle Toes, Corp. The Foot Care Company of Minnesota.
    please Google: Twinkle Toes, Corp and call for more information.
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    We also have used Score. Excellent and worth it.
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    Dremel 7700 or 7300 with burrs from Jan L. Lots of vibration and noise
    the best we have found is the MediCool.... Amazon offers a much better price and free shipping... The best. Smooth..quiet!