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    Hello everybody!
    I am a nursing student and would like to start working in the hospital. What positions can I work as a nursing student? Nurse assistant? What else? Where to go? How to apply? How much do they pay for these positions? Any tips are welcome
    P.S. I am in Tampa

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    My friend is going to try and work nights on the weekends now that we are in second semester.
    She called the hospital recruiter and explained that she is a student and would like a job for more experience and would consider working there after. She will be a nursing tech as she does not have her CNA license. So I would call up your local hospitals and find out what they have available or to keep your contact info of something does come up.
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    I am a nursing student in Tampa, too. I work part-time as a nurse tech in the one of the big hospitals. After you have completed one semester of nursing school, most hospitals in the area will hire you as a nurse tech. Starting pay range is from $9.22/hr to $14/hr depending on location, status (full time vs PRN) and shift (more on nights and weekends). You can apply on-line, but I got my job by going into the HR office because I found my on-line apps were being ignored. BE PERSISTENT. UCH, St Joe's and Tampa General are all good places to start. Ask your fellow nursing students -- if one of them works in a hospital ask if they need any more techs.

    You will make more per hour working PRN, plus it is more flexible for a student. I started out full time (3 12 hr shifts) but it was too much so now I make my own schedule and usually only work on Sundays. Be flexible at first and work HARD. Think of the job as a job interview because you may want to work there someday and you never know who is watching you.

    Being a nurse tech is great -- I have learned so much and I truly love my job and my hospital. Hopefully you can find a job on a floor with great nurses who will let you observe and learn things while on the job.

    Good luck!
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    once you complete your first clinical rotation for nursing school, you can work as a student nurse/nurse assistant for most hospitals. i recommend doing it! it gives you a lot of hospital experience.

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