What's the job market like in Florida right now? New grad. - page 2

Hi y'all. Contemplating moving from NY to Florida. Job situation any better there for new grad? No experience. I would love to start out in Med/Surg. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   CP2013
    Yeah, Florida is a really low pay scale because you get paid in sunshine as they say. The working conditions in central Florida I have noticed is an interesting dynamic. They have either been here 20+ years or less than 5 and looking elsewhere. I think a lot of people get stuck because of young children, and an inability to uproot their family and support system.

    It is what it is. I have noticed that mental health healthcare workers are paid so little in the big cities, but in the more rural areas, they are so desperate for MH nurses and NP's they are offering relocations and sign on bonuses and pleading to get staff there.

    I think mental health covers such a large population such as schizophrenia all the way to dementia so there are often more jobs in the older cities because of elderly populations requiring care as well.