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They have finally put SO MANY nursing students through the nursing programs, that the shortage that existed here in Melbourne, when I started school almost 2 years ago, is now obsolete. You can't hardly even find a tech job now.... Read More

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    There is still a "nursing shortage" however what there appears to be no shortage of is idiots that look at the almight dollar and trim the budget by cutting out staff, untill they come off their pocket books so to speak and adequately staff and hire more nurses it's going to be the same thing with every class that graduates, I think my class is the last group to come out of our school not competing and jockeying for jobs, this years grads are gonna have to fight it out for the few jobs that might be available this summer
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    I put my resume on Monster just this week. I selected every state/area that I would be willing to move to.
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    First a couple of things to realize. In this area, at least at my hospital; Oct, Nov and Dec are traditionally low census months. It picks up around now until April or so. If the census is low, it makes it easier for managers to justify a hiring freeze.

    Second, every story you read about the economy being so bad and how many millions of jobs lost = people without insurance. As the un-insured rises, hospital revenues decrease and the pinch comes....you guessed it, in staffing.

    Is there a nursing shortage? Yup! Are the hospitals going to address it as aggresively as before? No. Yes, they will hire expierenced nurses if they have to.

    Options? I would suggest passing the NCLEX before applying. If you get hired as a GN and fail the first time you are bounced back to CNA until you pass. The fail rates on the NCLEX really shot up this last year after they re-did it. You will be more employable with an RN after your name than GN. After that, keep you options open, get the work you can and use the time waiting for the job you want to get all the education you can. BLS/ACLS/PALS are all good things depending on where you want to go, maybe work on the BSN?

    Things are cyclical. I myself am hoping for substantial healthcare reform this year at the federal level. Say all you want about 'socialized medicine' (which is completely the wrong term, but I digress). If more people have insurance, our jobs are more secure.

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    Don't fret so much. The projection for 2010 is still that there will be baby boomers who will be retiring from nursing. Baby boomers make up the largest sector of nurses. This is the reason for the nursing shortage. within a couple years nurses should be retiring unless they choose to work until over age 65 which I don't know any that do.
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    I graduated from nursing school in May 2008. Moved 1.5 mos later and looked for a job in PA for a few months. Couldn't really find anything. Studied for and took the NCLEX; passed on the 1st try and STILL can't find a job. Funny thing is, is that I was told by hr at a few locations that they were no longer allowed to hire GNs and to call back in a few months after I scheduled the NCLEX. Well I called, but there are NO jobs. Several hospitals just told me they are and have been on a hiring freeze and only need "qualified and experienced nurses". They have no estimates for future hire dates of "new grads". The Jan 5th issue of ADVANCE for Nurses has an article that depicts the same picture. The author states that she's recieved info from several sources that new grads can't find work and may have to relocate. And this mag services the tri state region of PA,NJ, and DE. For me, passing NCLEX and obtaining an RN license hasn't made me any more marketable....now I'm looking into relocation, which is usually somewhere very remote.
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    It is just very discouraging is all. I am willing to relocate, it just wasn't something we had to consider when I started school. We have 24 in each of our classes and when I started most, if not all, had positions waiting for them when they graduated. The last class that graduated, only 3 could find jobs locally. It is the old circle, they (and reasonably so) want to hire nurses with experience and can't find enough to hire, we (new or soon to be grads) want to work but don't have the experience required. Just seems the people who are paying are the patients and other medical staff who are sorely understaffed and over worked. I totally get not being able to have too many GNs on one floor at a time, it is just a shame that someway we couldn't find a way to meet in the middle. My friend went for a Tech interview at Wuesthoff Rockledge and was told that they are no longer concerned hiring whomever came through the door, that they have the choice now to be "picky" and even the Techs they have now who are going to graduate are not guaranteed a nursing position when they graduate.

    Sigh..... I might be seeing you in Tampa Tweety......
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    I wasn't aware it was so bad in other states. There are no such things as GN in Massachusetts. You must have passed your boards to obtain a job. You can work as a CNA or a tech but not a nurse until you pass. Every state is different. There are not as many hospital jobs around but still many many rehab and LTC positions. You may not want to work in nursing homes but you may have no choice.

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