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Hello! Just starting a thread for all of us accepted into the Spring 2013 class to get aquainted and keep each other informed on what's to come! I will be enjoying my freedom for another few months! :-) Until January!... Read More

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    I just looked and the package code is working now melissa104, sexyeve what are you not understanding?

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    Really? I just tried the package code again, VA06gen, and it still said it is unavailable. I called certified background and they said it means the school must be editing something with the package, but that it's not a problem on their end, it's the school's. But you said it worked for you?
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    Did you try VA06 only? Not VA06gen
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    Yes, but the Va06 is only for the background check, fingerprints, and drug testing, which is only $141. On the instructions from Valencia, it says the total is $176, and that we need the Document Tracker, and that package code is Va06gen. That is $35, which together totals $176. I already bought the first package code (va06) but the other one won't work :-(
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    I'm the same boat your in Call Kenyatta Joseph 407 582-5656, shes the only person I can think of to ask; shes the one that sends us the Nursing Emails. Keep us posted please melissa104.
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    Melissa104 and everyone else VA06gen is working now.
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    Thanks greengal1! Just ordered mine, code is working :-) Time to get busy lol just did my fingerprints this morning!
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    My thoughts exactly! Fingerprints, drug and the first part of the TB test done! My personal goal is to have everything done before we meet for Orientation.
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    Did anyone took their physical yet? Do we have to go to centra care or can we go to other locations and do it?
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    Yes I have. You can do it at other locations, you do not need to only go to Centra Care. I had my primary care doctor do mine but you can also get them done at CVS or Walgreens. Depending on if you have insurance it may be cheaper.

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