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Hi, I just got accepted into Valencia's nursing program. I would love to hear from students who are either in the nursing program or graduates of the program at Valencia as to how you liked it. How were the teachers? What is... Read More

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    Thank you for your feedback! It's good to have an idea of how the program works, and this info is definitely going to help me to prepare for some of the challenges that will come with nursing school. Good luck to you with Nursing IV .

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    hi vccorscc , could you send me the orientation package? I start nursing in the spring/2012. Thank you.
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    Hi all -- I have a question about class days and hours for Nursing I. What is typical for first semester re: your schedule-- for West campus. And how many hours is the clinical -- and is it all in one day or is it two days? Do you have any classes or clinicals after 3pm? thanks! And I wouldn't mind seeing that orientation packet as well! :-)
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    hey do you remember taking the HESI final for nursing 1 at valenica? how was the format of what it covered? what should i do to study...reading the book all over again is too much lol
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    I hope your classes are going well! I'll be starting in Spring 2013 and would love a heads up on what you guys are covering in Nursing I and II, any pointers and/or tips? How are the teachers? Thanks in advance!!!

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