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Hi, I just got accepted into Valencia's nursing program. I would love to hear from students who are either in the nursing program or graduates of the program at Valencia as to how you liked it. How... Read More

  1. by   Jasmin_sunset
    Hello Monica,
    Since I saw that you are online, I was wondering if you would be able to share a copy of the orientation package for Valencia with me. I would to read how everything works. Thanks ,

  2. by   LC03
    Hi, if you don't mind can you forward me a copy of the orientation packet as well? My email is

    Thank You
  3. by   vking110
    Hey vccorscc, I was wondering if I could get a copy of the Orientation packet also. I will be starting the program in the fall. My email is

  4. by   IWantBobatea
    Hey viking110, did you got moved up a semester? I thought you are starting NS in the spring. If so, when did you turn in your application. Thanks
  5. by   vking110
    No I did not get moved up a semester. I turned in my application last year.
  6. by   Monica578
    Hello) I start Valencia in Fall, can anyone let me know what i could read in our Potter&perry book so I can get an early start? thanks)
  7. by   Shanna06
    I am in the third semester. first semester is a joke, its hard, but the info they teach is a joke. Second semester is the semester where they try to weed out the people are either arent serious or arent smart enough. about half of the class typically fails nursing 2, this semester is miserable, everyone hates it, but the teacher that everyone hates is retiring at the end of 2011 so you wont have to deal with her. Nursing 3 is easier for most, some still have difficulty. four is the same material as 2 but doesnt fail so many people and nursing 5/6 are one semester that is all online and at the hosp. its more busy work from what I hear. The NCLEX pass rate is very high... but the program fails about 60% of those who start it. We started with close to 140 in nursing 1 and now my class has 76 people in nursing 3.
  8. by   Monica578
    Sounds intense, but that's a good thing, especially when you're dealing with peoples lives. As far as sememster 1 and 2, what would you recommend reading? I've already read chap 32 with vitals, and I work in Florida hospital with cardiology, so I have solid background with intro and things..any recommendations?
  9. by   smartinez07
    Hi everyone... I am probably late in reading this thread but I was wondering if anyone would kindly forward me the orientation package as well. And is this the same for both the generic track and the advance track?
    My email:

    Thanks so much...
  10. by   vccorscc
    you can start reading the chapter on infection prevention and control in potter and perry..i think its 34. that was our first reading. It will most likely be yours too.
  11. by   Shanna06
    Sorry I havnt been on this website in forever, we had our month summer break and I used it. btwn II and III we had a week off, this time btwn III and IV we got almost a month. SMM apparently I dont have "private messaging" so I will try to answer your questions in here. Nursing One is all about nursing history, how to talk to patients, HIPA, different cultures and things like that. I didnt read very much in Nursing I, I took alot of notes in class. However I should have proabably read because I barely passed Nursing I. Grades are different in this program 76 is passing, 84 is a B and 92 is an A. In nursing two in the begining I was just paying attention to lecures, and taking alot of notes... but come the middle of the semester I had about a 68... so I knew I needed to do more. I became a recluse and read the corresponding chapters and took good notes and really really worked hard. I was able to bring my grade up to a 81 with all of that. I wish I had done more from the begining and I could have made a B. The problem with nursing II is that the questions on the test are often over material that was not discussed in class and was just a random sentence somewhere in the text book. Mrs. Forehand is the leader of this class and it is her goal to ensure that everyone is miserable. You can literaly have an exact sentence in the textbook that differs from either what she says or the test question and she will say that you should have read a different book. It makes no sence. She is a terrible teacher, I have talked with other teachers and have yet to find on that likes her. Everyone is ready for her retirement at the end of 2011. Nursing III was more relaxing for me. I did not read the text book at all. I did however take lots of notes during lecture and spent an entire day studing my notes and the powerpoints. I make an 87 this semester. Now im on my way to IV, I hear its alot like II but with better teachers. Clinical teachers I had and would recomend Nursing II=Culpepper, and Nursing III=Simko. Simko is amazing, she has been my favorite teacher so far.

    I have always been lucky in that if I listen well to lecure and understand the material I remember it, most people have had to put alot more effort into this program than I have. My main recomendation in II is to start studying from the begining, that semester is quicksand and will suck you down very fast. I have also noticed that typically if you fail Nursing I you do not make it thru Nursing II.
  12. by   Jasmin_sunset
    Thank you for your feedback! It's good to have an idea of how the program works, and this info is definitely going to help me to prepare for some of the challenges that will come with nursing school. Good luck to you with Nursing IV .
  13. by   tzeena
    hi vccorscc , could you send me the orientation package? I start nursing in the spring/2012. Thank you.