Valencia College Summer 2013 Students

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm Briana, and I'm just starting this thread for any students accepted to Valencia's Summer 2013 program. Hopefully we can get to know each other a bit before we start and help each other out with the whole process!
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  3. by   bdicenzo
    Less than a year left!!! Where are all my classmates? I'm getting excited...
  4. by   delel012
    Hi, I will start in summer with you! I'm extremely excited and can't wait!
  5. by   bdicenzo
    Awesome! What's your name? And what campus are you thinking about?

    The wait list has been awful, it's always awkward when people ask you 'oh your going to nursing school, when do you finish?' And you have to reply, 'well I start in summer 2013'.... Plus not having any communication with the school until Spring, I feel useless!
  6. by   delel012
    My name is Lourdes (whats yours?) and I would prefer the Osceola campus since it's closer to my house, but I believe that Nursing I is only available in West campus for summer semesters. I know how you feel!, I'm excited that I'm accepted to the program but wish I could do more now!! The wait is killing me!! And I want to buy some txt books and start studying but I'm confused because since being accepted I have seen the book list change 3 times!
  7. by   bdicenzo
    I'm Briana. I think you're right about summer only starting at West Campus, I forgot about that. Regardless that's where I'll be since I live in Winter Springs. I'm more worried about forgetting everything from my prereqs and getting lost because of it! I thought about getting a book or two to start reading as well, but I think I might just give myself a refresher in classes like nutrition, A&P, etc. The Spring semester that starts right before us has a thread on this site as well, I think they mentioned the current book list, I'm not sure how much it will change in one semester!
  8. by   delel012
    Hey Briana, sorry that it took me a while to reply. Do you know where you are on the wait list? would you want to start in spring if it was available? I do!! but I just found out that I'm pretty far down on the list. I also was wondering if you knew about the books we need bc I keep checking the bookstore website and some books that were originally listed r no longer there but a "bundle" has been added that doesn't specify what's in it.
  9. by   bdicenzo
    I don't really have any more details than you do & as for starting in spring, I actually got a call today asking if I would like to. It definitely caught me by surprise and of course I am taking the opportunity. So it looks like I won't be starting with you after all
  10. by   delel012
    I got an invite to the Spring semester too!!!!!!!! OMG I'm sooo excited, I hope that you are going to Osceola campus so we can be in the same class. I feel really backed up with all the things that I have to do but hopefully they won't take that long!
  11. by   bdicenzo
    Really! Wow that's awesome. I wonder where we were on the list!! Either way yay!! I know how you feel, I've been scrambling to get everything done. So far I've finished the background check, fingerprinting & drug testing... I'm hoping Monday when I go to centracare all of my immunizations will be done!
  12. by   bdicenzo