Valencia College Nursing May (summer) 2014

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    Hello, I have been accepted into Valencia's nursing program for May 2014. Has anybody else? I was wondering what were the chances of being able to start before the date given? Has anyone heard of students getting pushed a semester ahead? THANKS!
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    I've only heard of the long wait lol. I want to apply after I finish my prerequisites but i don't want to wait that long just for an associates.
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    Hi Kristin, it is possible to get moved up one semester but depends on the number of students that do not claim their seat.
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    Hello! I just found out I have been accepted into Valencia Nursing Fall 2013. Has anyone that has been accepted into the program been bumped a semester! I am happy cause I thought I was going to have to wait for 2 years. As of now its only a 1 year wait and I am praying I can start a semester early! Thanks in advance for any information!
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    Omg good for you! How exciting!!! I'm praying I get an email!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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    I'm bumping this... I was originally accepted into the Spring 2015 session, but received an email today confirming a seat for me in the Summer 2014 session. That's less than 2 months away. Anyone else going to this session? I'm slightly freaking out a bit because it's finally time!