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Anyone applying to USF's (University of South Florida) nursing program?. I feel discouraged because I heard how competitive and rigorous it is.I have a 3.7 GPA. finished about half of my pre-reqs,... Read More

  1. by   TwentyOnePilots
    I'm open to anything, really. You never know what can happen. Life is unpredictable and you never know where you could end up. That sounds great, nice choice. ACH is a great hospital, I know a few nurses and MD's that work there.

    On a side note, how long did it take for your status to change to committee, from the time you first applied in SOAR? I applied May 29th (last Wednesday).
  2. by   ecari
    I also heard it's hard for new grads to get a job too. But I volunteered for 2 years at my local hospital and the nurse manager loved me and told me to get my go get the degree and come right back lol
  3. by   Ms Petite 93
    Lol Ecari you're set. If you don't mind me asking what hospital would that be ? I volunteered at the Oak Hill but it wasn't that great of an experience since I only served or discharged patients. And twentyonepilots I submitted my application on a 27 and recieved the committee email on the 30th. It's just to show that everything is all checked out and your prerequisites are haven't gotten yours ??
  4. by   TwentyOnePilots
    Thanks Cookie. Nope nothing yet, but I read in another forum about USF that some people didn't get their emails until June 11th or so. I checked with the advisor already and all my prereqs are there. They must be busy with all the apps. Still makes me nervous though lol
  5. by   ecari
    @Cookie.Cruz that would be st. Vincent's in Jacksonville
  6. by   Ms Petite 93
    It would be a dream if that many people didn't apply to the nursing program when I did but then I just woke up ugh lol. Everyday I'm going to remind myself I know I'm getting in over and over because if you think positive you'll more likely have a positive outcome ..hey it's worth a shot lol. Well it's almost been a week so 2/3 more weeks to go !! Times def dragging over here.
  7. by   TwentyOnePilots
    For sure good way of looking at it. Waiting has been so hard. I'm hoping for a positive outcome for all of us, and I hope we all get to meet at orientation. At least we would already know a couple people going in few more weeks and the big news will be here.
  8. by   uhuynh
    I applied on May 30th since my campus change to USF Tampa was taking awhile but my status hasn't changed to committee either. I've been checking everyday. This is so nervewrecking..
  9. by   TwentyOnePilots
    Quote from uhuynh
    I applied on May 30th since my campus change to USF Tampa was taking awhile but my status hasn't changed to committee either. I've been checking everyday. This is so nervewrecking..
    I'm glad there's someone else to relate to! We are in the same boat then. I check it every day too. Some people don't receive a status change until a week or two before decisions were made, so try and hang on.. Ill be doing the same.. lol
  10. by   Gettinitdone
    So I missed a few topics here since I haven't logged on for a few days! I had every intention of applying to the ADN program where I got my AA degree, but the deadline was the 30th and I was too wrapped up in applying to USF to study for a TEAS test! So I am really hoping I get in to USF otherwise I will be left with nothing! As far as orientation, I received a notice about the dates for it that also had a disclaimer stating if you got into the BSN program you were NOT required to do regular orientation.... but if I get in I am going to make sure that is correct.
    Also, as far as how soon I got the changed to committee status, I applied to the program on the 23rd, and received the email thanking me for applying then the next day I got 2 saying i met the requirements and it had been switched to committee. I get the emails on my phone so every time I get a notice of an incoming email my heart drops! I can't wait to find out!!
  11. by   TwentyOnePilots
    Thanks for the info. Still nothing in SOAR about a status change. Makes me even more nervous lol. All my prereqs are met though according to OASIS and everything looks okay. Just more waiting.. that's the hard part. I can't wait to find out either!
  12. by   Gettinitdone
    When I went to the pre-application information session, the admissions adviser said they get anywhere from 700-900 applications for the program, and I am pretty sure most people wait until that last week to submit so I bet they are just swamped with submissions! I am sure everything is OK
  13. by   TwentyOnePilots
    Thanks @Gettinitdone. That is quite a lot! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. We all have great stats!