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Anyone applying to USF's (University of South Florida) nursing program?. I feel discouraged because I heard how competitive and rigorous it is.I have a 3.7 gpa. finished about half of my pre reqs, got A's in all of my science... Read More

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    Quote from uhuynh
    I applied to the USF upper division for Fall 2013 when it opened and I got an email two weeks ago saying my home campus was not the Tampa Campus and that I had to change that. I turned in a campus declaration change to change from USF St. Petersburg Campus to the USF Tampa campus on May 21,2013, and I was so nervous because it was already May 29, 2013 and my campus still wasn't changed! I called them and they said they would get it done that day by the end of day but I checked and my home campus was still St.Pete. I then called them on May 30th and told them I needed it done asap and the lady said she would get it all done by that day. I was checking every hour and it was finally changed before the deadline! I was so happy. I then emailed in the SOAR discussion that my home campus was changed to the Tampa campus and I got a reply the following day (May 31,2013 the deadline)that said this ...Thank you for updating your campus, we will continue to review your application. I was so happy because I thought I wouldn't make the deadline. I hope to get a reply from them soon, I'm super nervous. I'm also out of the country so it's super hard to communicate with the school. My cumulative GPA is 3.47 and for prereq I have all A's and 2 B's. Anyone know my chances of getting in since my cumulative GPA isn't as high as others....I'm really hoping I get accepted. I'm super nervous!
    I know what you mean. I'm also applying out of the country (for 2014) and communication is beyond difficult!

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    So I totally don't mean to just add myself into the conversation, but I've been watching this thread for a bit now and have also applied to the program for Fall 2013, so I signed up for this site and wanted to share in the excitment. I've just completed my 6 straight semesters of my AA degree with a 3.95 GPA and am taking that much needed break for summer....all except I can't relax waiting on this application!!! That essay had me questioning everything for the whole month of May, now June will be chewing off all of my nails! lol
    Well I hope you all get in and we can all meet during orientation
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    Wow You have great stats. And yeah I hope we all get in lol oh what is your prereqs gpa
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    Wow I have the same stats I have a 3.65 cumulative GPA and I have all A's and 2 B's so Im really hoping that all of this is substantial enough lol. Coming straight out of high school I didn't care for my general requirement classes.....
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    And wow @Gettinitdone your stats are really really good just as long as you have a great essay to match I'm sure you'll be accepted I'm hoping for us all
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    I graduated H.S. 2011. I originally planned on doing my community college's ASN program but I decided to just finish my AA degree and go for USF. I'm hoping the best for all of us!
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    I felt the same way I just figured why not give it a shot with USF- you never know. If all doesn't work out it's good to have a backup plan and that means the ADN route to me
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    Exactly I'm so thankful for this thread. If I couldn't share my anxiety with all you other applicants, I think I would be pulling my hair out right now lol. It's a nice little distraction!
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    Good luck to us all!
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    I've been so nervous, I check my email every hour! I've been finishing all my prereq and classes at USF St. Petersburg and taking some classes at USF Tampa for the last two years. I really hope I get into the program for Fall 2013 because I don't want to wait almost another year to apply for the Summer program. Good luck to everyone here!

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