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University of Tampa Nursing, Spring 2013

  1. 0 I just received my acceptance letter today. Is anyone else going to attend this program?
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    Hi, I also received mine the other day. I am not too sure yet as to whether I want to or not because I can't seem to find much information on the program.
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    Hi all, is it okay if I ask what your GPA's and TEAS scores are just to see where I'm standing. And are you guys transfers or already attending UT? Cause I'm currently attending HCC. :P
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    Oh and congrats to you guys on the acceptance! (:
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    Let's see... I have a 3.55 cumulative GPA w/ a 3.82 for prerequisites's. I scored 85% overall on the TEAS V with a 97% in mathematics and 83% in science. Hope that helps.
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    I just got accepted today to the nursing program at UT as well! They actually called to inform me that I had been accepted and should be receiving my documents in the mail soon. So excited to start the program. I've heard nothing but wonderful things!!!
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    Sorry fellow nurses, but I hope the UT program is better for you than it was been over the last several years. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM TO ANYONE. TALK TO RECENT GRADS OR PEOPLE IN THE PROGRAM NOW!!!!!The graduate program has continual flux of instructors and very little standardization. Also, there is an "oral exam". Many people took the whole semester off to be able to quote nursing theories and answer questions on research ( have never needed this in my NP practice, it's ridiculous to give theory & research so much weight in an NP program). If you don't pass Orals, you have to delay a semester to repeat and are given an academic dismissal! This makes it difficult to be accepted to another program!!! I knew 3 excellent nurses that didn't "pass". It was heart breaking for them. There was 2 classes in professional issues ( redundant & overkill), 2 classes in theory ( in which we had to do a theory substruction....again nothing to do with the preparation we needed). I graduated with honors but I really didn't feel like I learned what I had expected in Grad school. I HOPE YOUR EXPERIENCE WILL BE BETTER.
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    GXavier - I just saw this post and would like to know more. I've just started the MSN program at UT and this is the first negative I've heard? I've known other people who have gone through the program and all had good things to say (two of whom left USF to finish their studies at UT. Yes, the oral boards are a negative and agree seem unfair, spending all that time, money and energy just so have someone fail you before clinicals. However, I've heard the pass rate on the boards is over 90% so it seem like most people get through. Thanks for the info and would love to know more.
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    are you still at University of Tampa
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