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  1. Hello, I am 19 years old trying to get into the USF bsn nursing program. I will be applying for Fall of 2013 and currently have a 3.8 gpa. I started volunteering a month ago and I have no health experience what so whatever. The application is due in 5 months. I want to know if I will have enough volunteer experience by the end of 5 months and if they will even consider me even though I have no health experience. Please respond if you are currently applying for the same program and what your status is on GPA, volunteer, and work experience; or if you are currently in the program, what you had when applying and what your peers had. Also, if any one has any additional information about this specific program please let me know!
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  3. by   eauzirus
    so im already a usf student but all u need to do is apply which says 60 percent comes from g.p.a and 40 percent from essay. The reason you volunteer is not because its recorded but becasue it will help u write ur essay based off ur experience
  4. by   Ms Petite 93
    Hey girl, I'm trying to get into the USF nursing program as well for my BSN. Because, you know the ADN just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm currently attending PHCC and I'm halfway done through my prerequisites. I'm going to try to see if PHCC wants me also. You have to make sure you have options don't just stick to one institution cause things don't turn out how you would like it sometimes. Anywho, I feel you should input some volunteer hours as well..just try to squeeze some in before the application just so they can see that you're a well rounded person. Accompanied with a bomb ass essay and a high G.P.A you should be able to get in. But beware it's very competitive to get into the program and will be rigorous during the program. I'm in the same boat as you, as I am also 19 too. Just try the hardest you can, you never know unless you try. Hopefully, me and you will get into the Fall 2013 program
  5. by   usfgirl

    I am also applying for Fall 2013. My current cumulative GPA is a 3.82, and my GPA for all nursing pre-reqs is a 3.9. I have not started my essay yet. I have been volunteering since the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester at a local hospital. I don't think that they necessarily place a huge weight on the volunteering thing because you can relate other experiences back to the medical field. However, one of the questions for the essay asks how your volunteering and leadership experiences (there's one more thing, I think, as well) will help you contribute to the nursing profession.
  6. by   klesi
    I am applying aswell I have no healthcare experience, I volunteer at an elementary school.