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  1. Are there any current or recent graduates of the University of South Florida Nursing program that can offer any feedback on how their experience was? I am doing my pre-reqs at Florida Gulf Coast but thinking of transferring in the fall to finish pre-reqs and apply to nursing school at USF. I heard their 1st time pass rate on the NCLEX was 100%, and it's closer to home. I know it's very competitive to get into. But in reading some just general college reviews, I only saw negative ones about the nursing program from several students that were in it. Wondering if the 100% rate is because maybe people don't make it through the BSN program? I'm puzzled and don't want to make a mistake. I know extra credit is usually given to applicants that do their pre-reqs where they apply to nursing school. Any feedback is truly appreciated!
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  3. by   heaven850
    Good question! I'm looking for some feedback from those in the program as well. I just want to find out more details from those that are/were in the trenches.
  4. by   USFNurse2b
    Hey there!
    I am at USF now and overall I am happy with the program. It has been super crazy because I am in the accelerated program and have no time to think. It is challenging that is for sure. The turn over rate for the instructors has been crazy, no consistency and it is very disorganized because of it. Part of why they have a 100% pass rate is because they make all of their student buy Kaplan. You can buy Kaplan on your own no matter what school you go to. Bottom line, just go where ever you can get in! Good luck!
  5. by   calli1
    How hard is it to get into? Do you know how many they accept each semester? I've heard that FGCU is only accepting 30 a year!!! I want to do my pre-reqs at the place I'm most likely to get into.
  6. by   USFNurse2b
    I think usf takes about 60-70 in the fall, another class in the summer, not sure if it is the same size or smaller. All of the public schools are pretty tough to get into, the GPA is 3.2 to apply I believe but you most likely will not get in with anything less than a 3.6 if not closer to 3.8. Apply everywhere you can and stay open minded.