University of South Fl/ HCC/MDC ????

  1. hi everyone!
    well after receiving an a.a. degree in pre-nursing at bc with a 3.55 gpa, i applied to the summer bsn program at fau, and i got rejected! i've been feeling so discouraged after i worked so hard on my pre-reqs =[ i finally applied to usf, hcc and mdc fall 2010 program, even though it sucks that i have to wait until august to start school now! i really wanted to get my bachelors but at this point ill settle for another two year degree! has anyone applied to these programs? is there anyone that is currently in the program that can tell me anything about it, how the process of getting in goes, when do they start sending out the acceptance/rejection letters?? anything helps!
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  3. by   Gator Girl 2000
    I applied and was accepted into USF's 2nd Degree program, beginning Summer 2010.

    The Upper Division program is extremely competitive.

    I'd highly recommend that you attend one of the information sessions for USF. The Admissions coordinator provides a good bit of information during the sessions (offered live and online) and she is very good about answering questions throughout the session. Here's a link (upper division students): CON Information Session Scheduling
    and USF Health || College of Nursing | Admissions and Program Information

  4. by   afrancis
    I have been accepted to HCC, and next week I'll be finishing my prereqs to apply for USF for the Fall upper division. I'm already getting nervous because USF is very hard to get into. So congrats on your acceptance!!
  5. by   nlion87
    Mdc Is real competitive. Typical gpa cutoff is 3.8 depending on the applicant pool when applying. You may also want to consider private schools such as NSU or Barry or even LPN programs which will then allow you to bridge over to and LPN-RN program to MDC
  6. by   Bean79
    Are you limited to just the Tampa area? In St Petersburg there is St Pete College which is maybe 25 minutes from HCC and they have a nursing program there. Also PHCC in Pasco is another option. I only ask because I know some people who were willing to commute in order to get started and its always good to keep options open. Either way Good Luck to you!