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Has anyone else applied for the May 2013 cohort? I applied this week and am awaiting my transcripts/letters of recommendation to be received.... Read More

  1. by   bellasarah31
    I found my acceptance letter in my mailbox this past weekend!! I am very excited to meet you, Lauren!! I'm also excited/anxious/overwhelmed/etc! I just sent in my enrollment deposit and am anxious to know what to do next. When are you planning to move to Miami?

    Northwestbound, you should hear soon! I hope to meet you in May! I graduated from UF in 2003 with a major in Psychology. My GPA then was 3.0, but my pre-req's that I have taken in the past 2 years were all A's. I also have worked in a hospital as a program coordinator for medical students for the past 5 years, so I think that experience helped too. Let us know when you hear!
  2. by   802ov
    Hi all! Just got my acceptance letter for May 2013! See you there!
  3. by   jpark31
    Congratulations to you bellasarah31 & laurenh11!!!

    I also just saw my acceptance letter today on myUM. I'm currently from Las Vegas. Where are you ladies planning to live in Miami? Have you guys heard of how the program is from any graduates or anyone still in the program??

    If you guys would like to privately chat too, let me know! =)
  4. by   jpark31
    Congratulations 802ov!! Are you from Florida already??
  5. by   bellasarah31
    Congrats 802ov and jpark31! There is a facebook group called "University of Miami-Accelerated BSN 2013" that I'm in. Is anyone else? It was created for the class who started in January, but might be helpful for you to see what they've been posting... everything from loans, what books to buy (ours could be different though), scrubs, laptops, when their schedules were posted, orientation, etc. I have found it very helpful! OR we could make our OWN facebook group if one doesn't already exist. Has anyone started one for our class? If not, I can try to create one over the weekend.
  6. by   rnalwaysontherun
    Congrats to you guys for being accepted! I'm still waiting to hear back, am wondering when you guys submitted your applications? Were you early decision or after December 1st? (I submitted mine in January, just trying to figure out when I might find out!)
  7. by   k.waks
    Hey everyone! I was just accepted yesterday morning through MYUM for the summer! I can't wait to meet all of you! If anyone has any suggestions for living I would greatly appreciate it!

  8. by   MiamiNurse22
    Hey Everyone!!!! I have been accepted for the summer accelerated program. I'm so excited. I found out through MyUM and recieved the letter the next day (I live in Miami). I applied early January.

    Bellasarah31, I noticed that Facebook page. It did look pretty helpful. I think it would still be a good idea to start our own one as well.
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  9. by   jpark31
    Thank you bellasarah31! I don't know if one has been made, but you should totally start one! It would be nice to talk to others starting in May!
  10. by   jpark31
    Congrats kim and MiamiNurse22!!

    Also, northwestbound....I applied in January, but wasn't able to send the official college report until Feb. So the whole process took a while. I'm sure you should be hearing from the school any day now! Have you checked your myUM? My fingers are crossed for you! =)
  11. by   k.waks
    Thank you Jpark31! Congratulations to you and everyone that has already been accepted!!! Northwestbound- I am pretty sure I applied in early Decemeber... but didn't get all my documents in until the last week in January. The college official report took a little bit to get there! I hope that helps. Bellasarah31- I also saw the facebook group for January's cohort and did find it extremely helpful! I do agree with miaminurse22 that we should start our own!!
  12. by   future_cane02
    Hi everyone! I just got accepted to the summer accelerated nursing program! I received the acceptance letter in the mail last Friday and I completed my application within the first week of January. I am really excited to meet everyone! Congrats to everyone that has been accepted so far. I recently joined the Facebook group and I agree with everyone that creating a separate group for the May 2013 class would be great idea! Has anybody figured out where they are going to live yet? I'm debating between on-campus and off-campus housing.
  13. by   k.waks
    Congratulations future_cane02!! I have no idea where I'm going to live but if anyone needs a roommate let me know!!