University of Miami FNP Program

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    Has anyone heard back from UM about their FNP class this fall?
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    I got into the program, very exited. Did you get into..? would be glad to meet my future classmates.
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    It's almost been a year since you entered the program. I am just curious as to what you think of it? How has the past year been?
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    Well to be honest, Its another one year of intense accelerated study. You have to put in atleast 6-8 hours of study time everyday to pass a class, and if you flunk one class you are out of the program. Working is not an option while you are enrolled in this program, the standards are so high that there is no way you can cruise through the program. But all effort is going to pay in the end, you will be getting out of Florida's # 1 school. Oh!!! Forgot to mention extra $40,000 added to your student loans.
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    I have a bunch more questions to ask about the program. I was wondering if I could shoot you an email and get your advice about the program, if you don't mind. Thanks!
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    @ indoamerican--I have some questions about the MSN program as well----would it be better to PM you or should I just post the questions here?
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    @indoamerican I sent you a request. May you direct message me, I have some questions about the program. Thanks!
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    If anyone that has posted here has any advice on U of Miami NP program, I would greatly appreciate it. I am wondering about the difficulty level of the one year vs. two. Did anyone hold a job/have children?
    Thank you!
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    Hello, Congratulations to all of you who were accepted! I am interested in knowing about the admission requirements to be admitted into the FNP program. What is the minimum gpa? GRE? Please Inform.