Univ of Miami Accelerated BSN 2011 Applicants - page 6

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    thanks yunas_mommy!

    I am also considering applying to Suny stonybrook, suny downstate and NYU in new york.. the other suny schools are upstate and i spent the last 4 years upstate in binghamton so I need to get out of there haha. Do you mind me asking how old you were when you got in ? i'm nervous that since im right out of college they may not take me. i wont have as much life experience/work as some. the only jobs ive had is a secretary in 2 law firms and a tutor for psychology.. did u apply to any other schools and get in?

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    Stony brook is a great school. I'm from long island grew up in Medford and did my bachelors there. They are highly recommended for science majors. Lol yeah change of scenery from upstate would be nice. I am 25 now but they don't look at your work experience. There are people in my class that range from like 19 to in their 30's from what I can tell. Your grades are great I wouldn't be too worried. I only applied to Barry u as well and got accepted but I would have to wait because they wanted more pre reqs and also more money for a longer program so I chose To stick w UM since it was my first choice anyway!

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