UF 2013 BSN applicants?

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    Anyone else applying there for the fall?

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    Hi MamaKate,

    I applied for the BSN Generic program. UF is my dream school and here's hoping we both become gators!


    Vanessa Z
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    UF is my dream school too! I haven't applied yet though. I'm hoping to transfer from Orlando. I'm really nervous about not getting in though.
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    I'm hoping to transfer from Miami. I had applied to their online health education program, which I got accepted to so technically.. I am already a gator, Lol. I hope to transfer to the Nursing program since it has been a never ending aspiration of mine to become a Nurse. I'll be going to their orientation session on January 2nd. By the way, love your Rick James avatar.


    Vanessa Z
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    Haha thanks. My biggest concern is not getting in. I don't know what my plan is for that. I'm thinking about applying to UCF too but I feel like the two schools don't really compare lol. What's your gpa? And do you have any previous healthcare experience?
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    @MamakateI am finishing up Micro Lab this semester so I'm hoping that'll bump my GPA around 3.1 or 3.2-ish. I know it's not too impressive but I hope the admissions team can see just how passionate I am about helping others. I have been working at a local hospitals emergency department for two years as an emergency team coordinator (basically a unit clerk) but I'm always going beyond my job description in making sure the patients/family members are comfortable(making sure they have blankets, water, etc.) I've been exposed to stemi's, strokes and trauma so I hope they will take that into consideration. I would LOVE to do clinicals at shands, considering they're a level 1 hospital. What about you? Vanessa Z
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    As of last semester I have a 3.87 and hopefully it bumps up after my grades for this semester go on my transcript. I have volunteered at the local childrens hospital and found while I was there that I didn't want to go to med school and wanted to do nursing.
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    That's great! I'll bet they will accept you.

    Vanessa Z
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    NurseNessa, how did you get the emergency team coordinator job? I have also applied to University of Florida but have not heard back from them. I still plan on applying to their BSN program. Hopefully, I will get into one or the other BSN pro9grams I have applied for. I only have a 3.7 GPA. I am only a transfer student.
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    I had previous hospital experience. Good luck! I hope you get accepted, maybe we'll end up attending together! (hopefully, lol)

    Vanessa Z

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