UCF Accelerated BSN 2013

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am new to allnurses and wanted to start a thread for the 2013 accelerated BSN program at UCF. I just moved to Orlando a few weeks ago. My fiancé just started medical school at UCF and I am planning on applying to the 2013 ABSN. Any information from previous or current students would be helpful!

    I looked online for information sessions for the Orlando campus, and I don't see any.. So I am kind of in the dark. Also, I know there was never interviews for the program, but online it says there is a mandatory interview process.. Is this new for 2013 or has it always said that???

    Thanks Everyone!!
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  3. by   Gradius
    Hi Lexi,

    I recently just got denied to an ASN program in Tampa, not to GPA but due to a missing AP/CLEP transcript whose credits aren't even considered Prereqs there. Really, really silly. I plan to appeal, but if it doesn't work out, I've started, albeit regretfully, to consider a UCF ABSN (I say regretfully only because it means I'll have to take out another loan which I don't want vs. Tampa I could have worked through it).

    Anyway... I'm a UCF grad from 2003. Choosing Nursing because I decided I want to join the Air Force, and due to my age (31) and age limits they have, Health Care is pretty much my only way in.

    My stats:
    UCF Nursing Prereq GPA: 3.85
    UCF Sciences Prereq GPA only: 3.73 (they look at just those too)
    Overall undergrad GPA: I think 3.39 (at least according to Valencia who has every Undergrad transcript I've ever attended).
    No TEAS score yet for me, (Tampa didn't require it) that's going to have to be November or December now should my Tampa appeal not work out.

    Anyway, good to "meet" you and we will talk more on this thread I'm sure.
  4. by   Gradius
    Oops, now I see someone else already started a UCF ABSN 2013 thread. See you there.