UCF 2013 Fall-Orlando generic BSN applicants?

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    Starting a thread for others applying to this program!

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    Hey! So I might be part of this seeing I applied for the concurrent UCF progr and placed on the waitlist.. Hoping I get a call saying I was accepted but if not, I will applying for fall 2013
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    Yay finally a response! How did you do on the teas? I haven't taken it yet.
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    I got a 78.7 on it!I would suggest buying the practice book! It helps!! Idk if I wanna take mine over again or if I should? My stats are, overall 3.67 pre reqs 4.0 how bout u!
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    I have the practice book from ati but it's just collecting dust since I've been having a rough semester. My stats are a 4.0 pre req gpa and a 3.87 overall
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    Hi everyone, I don't want to intrude on your thread, but wanted to comment considering I was in your exact same position last year. I am currently in UCF's BSN program, and I also started a thread on allnurses last year while I was going through the application process and taking the TEAS. There were a few student nurses that posted on my thread, easing our anxiety and answering any questions we had. I just want to wish you guys the best of luck and to encourage keep working hard. I know it is tough to keep focused, but the program is absolutely amazing and once you're in the program, everyday you'll be thankful for all your previous hard work. Jackiwvictoria, I would recommend taking the TEAS again, not that your score isn't decent, but you can always do better! I took my TEAS twice just to see if my score could get any higher, and I improved greatly the second time! Ensure that everything you're submitting, like yours scores is your absolute best, so you don't have any hesitation or worry about being accepted (it makes the waiting a lot easier)
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    I'm glad you're enjoying it! How is your first semester going? How are the instructors?
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    The first semester isn't too bad. It's a lot of busy work and just getting use to managing your lecture and lab schedule with your clinical schedule. The second semester, spring, is suppose to be the most challenging. It's a demanding class load and we start our 12 hour clinical shifts too. But, all of the teachers are absolutely wonderful. They're all so passionate about being nurses and seeing everyone suceed!
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    What kind of class schedule do you have? Like an 8-5 mon-fri? And have you done anything in the sim labs?
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    Your class schedule all depends on the labs you're assigned to. Typically, you have lectures three days a week mon-wed and then clinicals thursday and friday. The lecture days aren't too bad, like half-day, but the clinical days can be pretty long though.

    We just had a sim lab orientation, and they're the coolest thing ever! lol But, you don't actually start doing scenarios until the Spring.

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